Broncos’ Marty Taupau Wants Dolphins’ Felise Kaufusi’s

Why Broncos’ Martin Taupau Wants Dolphins’ Felise Kaufusi’s Contact Charges Dropped

Broncos’ Martin Taupau has revealed he wants to see Dolphins’ Felise Kaufusi’s contact charges downgraded, so he can take him on in the ‘blockbuster’ showdown against the Dolphins on Friday.

Taupau shared with The Rush Hour with Leisel, Liam & Dobbo that he’d like nothing more for him to be cleared by the NRL judiciary Tuesday night to play.

“Who wouldn’t? It’d be a great spectacle to have all your best 17 players on the pitch to go head-to-head,” Taupau said.


“You’ve got the two Brisbane teams going head-to-head – you can’t write this kind of stuff.”

Kaufusi was sin-binned for his late hit on Jackson Hastings in Dolphins’ win over Newcastle last Friday and consequently, he was charged with a grade-two dangerous contact charge, which means he might be sitting out of Brisbane showdown this Friday, unless the NRL judiciary decide otherwise.

Kaufusi will be facing the NRL judiciary Tuesday afternoon to see if he can downgrade to a level-one charge and to instead only incur a fine for the hit.

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