Have The Players Found A Way To Exploit The New Rules? | Girds & Wado Believe So

Round 1, obstruction debates, referring controversy, how good is it that the footy is back?

With new rulings introduced for season 2024, it’s been apparent that teams have either studied up, or found themselves seeming confused. As the well-versed sides have been able to make the most of their new found advantages.


As seen in Canberra’s win over Newcastle, or Melbourne’s incredible 22-year-straight opening round victories over premiers Penrith, Ryan Girdler observed how the playerrs themselves have been able to get around the officials.

But the former premiership-winner with the Panthers offered a solution.

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“It’s been black and white until the dust settles with the obstruction rulings,” stated Girdler.

“I have a feeling that the refs will take back a little bit of discretion and I think that’s the perfect opportunity to do it.”

“As soon as a player gets done like that, and you see that he’s been a bad defensive decision and he falls anyway because he was never going to get there,

“If you take that away from them, you’ll see players stop doing it.”

“As soon as you draw a line in the sand, and players know what they can and can’t get away with, they’ll start making decisions,” added Wade Graham.