‘That’s Ridiculous!’ Ryan Girdler & Aaron Woods Explode Over J’maine Hopgood Sin Binning

‘That’s ridiculous!’

Neither Ryan Girdler, Aaron Woods or Dan Ginnane could believe their eyes after Parramatta Eels forward J’maine Hopgood was sent for 10 against the Brisbane Broncos.


Hopgood was penalised for a hip-drop, placed on report and put in the sin bin for a tackle of Cory Paix.

The Triple M’s call team were left stunned.

‘He hasn’t even got him!’ shouted Woods.

‘He’s on his side! He’s on his hip!’ screamed Girdler.

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‘That’s not the on-field officials, that’s the guys in the box with way too much time on their hands!’ Girdler continued.

Asked whether or not Aaron Woods (current Manly player) understood the hip drops rules, he explained that he didn’t.

‘Every time you get chopped in the legs you may as well stay down,’ stated Woods.

‘I’ve seen so many lately, I just don’t know what they’re looking for!’