From The Inner West To FAR West. Is The Perth Jets A Reality?

Brent Read explained that the Newtown Jets are planning on moving to Perth to launch a bid to become one of NRL’s newest franchises.


And the possibility excited Ben Te’o.

‘It’s an opportunity for them,’ said Te’o.

‘To keep a foundation club going.

‘They’ve been out long enough and can create a new identity in Perth.’

Though the brakes will be pressed according to Read as the NRL may look elsewhere before going out West.

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‘I’m not sure if they’ll be the next one.

‘The NRL want to get to 20 but I think the next one will be a Pasifika team.’

Yet the reality of a Perth Jets side could still be sooner than later.

‘But the Western Australian government are supportive of the concept.

‘They’re willing to throw some cash.’