“It Doesn’t Look Like They’re Improving” What’s Gone Wrong At The Wests Tigers?

Michael Chammas & Danny Weidler both questioned the problems currently at Wests Tigers during Benji Marshall’s first season at the club as head coach.


Speaking on Footy Talk League’s Journos Show, the duo tried to answer how a club that’s gone through major upheaval on and off the field have only earned two wins after 10 games played.

“It doesn’t looking they’re improving at a rate required at the investment they’ve made in players,” started Chammas.

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“All the players they’ve brought in were all signed off by Benji Marshall.

“We can point the finger at Lee Hagipantelis, Justin Pascoe and Scott Fulton which they deserve to be blamed for some of these decisions.

“But you’ve got to also look at Benji because not one of those decision hasn’t been signed off by [him].