“He’s Been Undergoing Cortisone Injections After Games” | David Riccio On Cam Munster

Cameron Munster has been ruled out of this years entire State of Origin series as the Storm star is facing at least 2 months – and potentially the rest of the season in the stands with a groin injury.

David Riccio joined Triple M’s Monday Scrum and revealed the battles that Munster has endured to even make it onto the field this year.

“I picked up a bit of information last week in relation to some discussions that were being had in and around Cam Munster, the Melbourne Storm and even to the point where it got to Billy Slater about Cam’s current injury.” said Riccio

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“It was my understanding that Cam was on the path to pulling out of the State of Origin
series anyway, it was just on the basis of of the way he’s been going. He’s been undergoing cortisone injections after games, struggling to get onto the training field and put back to back sessions together.”

“My understanding is it was is at least flagged with Billy Slater ‘Hey start to prepare
for State of Origin without me’ and certainly what happened on the weekend has ruled a line through that.”