“They’re Worried That The Novelty Will Have Worn Off” Brent Read On NRL’s Lessons & Plans for 2025!

Brent Read joined by Aaron Woods, Dan Ginnane & James Graham explained NRL’s plans in 2025 and the years following on a special Las Vegas Round 1 preview show.


After speaking to NRL CEO Andrew Abdo, Ready revealed the lessons the rugby league governing body have learnt from year one of their extravagant plan to crack into the American market.

Though the biggest learning curve has been, how can they accommodate better for the Aussie fans back home?

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“They’re rotating the teams next year,” started Read.

“Next year the fans of the other teams will come over, that guarantees you 10,000 before you even kick the ball.

“[The NRL] have got a meeting on Sunday.

“The commission, they’re going to have a debrief, but they’re going to call for expressions of interest basically straight away.

“They’ll know within a month to a few weeks.”