‘They Could Be Pushing For The Top 4’ | Brent Read Explains Why Des Hasler Is The Man For The Titans

Brent Read joined The Rush Hour with Gus, Jude & Wendell and explained what on earth is going on at the Gold Coast Titans.


The sudden sacking of coach Justin Holbrook and the hiring of Des Hasler caught many by surprise.

Though Ready provided clarification and when Hasler starts on the Gold Coast.

‘[The contract] starts next year,’ said Read.

‘It’s caught everyone off guard.

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‘They’re on a shared of 8th position and he’s done a reasonably good job this year.’

Ready also explained that the young Titans core could be a match made in heaven with Hasler.

‘Des Hasler is a proven coach, he knows what it takes to win comps.

‘They’ve underachieved for a long time and Des won’t put up with that.

‘If he can get the best out of them, they’ll be pushing for the top 4.’