NRL Players Strike Heats Up Over Employee Rights

Rugby League Players Association (RLPA) boss Clint Newton has highlighted exactly what needs to happen for the bitter pay war with the NRL to end.


A week on from teams covering the logo of the governing body in all matches, players are asking for a deal to cover their terms and conditions.  

“This hasn’t been about pay since December last year; this is about basic and fundamental employee rights,” Newton said.

“We want a partnership, not a dictatorship.”

Players across the league are currently in a media strike amid the Collective Bargaining Agreement negotiation breakdown.

“I really hoped we didn’t have to take any more action if the NRL accepted a mediator to come in and do a professional job,” said Kurt Capewell, RLPA delegate at the Broncos.

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Players want the NRL to comply with Privacy and Data Laws.

This includes:

  • Fairness and justice for representation
  • Access to financial information to ensure players are protected
  • Agreement of increase of workload

“Money is money, that is not in dispute. But rights are rights,” Newton said.

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