‘How Can A Coach Know?’: James Graham Backs The NRL’s Independent Doctors

Triple M’s and NRL great James Graham has backed the NRL’s stance on its concussion protocols despite a number of controversies during Round 1.


Graham’s comments come after Knights star Kalyn Ponga was controversially taken off the field on Friday night, despite the playmaker claiming after the game that he was “literally fine”.

Meanwhile, Raiders coach Ricky Stuart on Saturday questioned the NRL’s independent doctors after Sebastian Kris was taken off the ground despite being cleared to return shortly after.

The NRL’s approach to concussions currently sees an independent doctor with the ability to pull players from the field.

“The RLPA, they don’t trust coaches,” Stuart told reporters after the game.

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“All they want to do is talk to me about how much more time off the players are going to get and how much more money.”

Graham, whose long history of concussions and head knocks is well-documented, said he can’t fault the NRL for taking control away from the club and its players.

“I would never admit to being concussed,” Graham said on Triple M’s Sunday Sin Bin.

“I’m not questioning Ricky’s care for his players… but you know what, the players can’t be trusted, the coaches can’t be trusted and the clubs can’t.”