LIV Golf: Inside Greg Norman’s Rebel League

After a 30-year feud, former Australian golfer Greg Norman has realised his dream: a rebel golf league to compete with the PGA.  

LIV Golf has already attracted some of the best players in the world and promises to bring a level of glamour and excitement to the gentleman’s game.  

Even Australia’s Cameron Smith is the latest player reported to switch leagues, with golfers enticed by eye-watering paydays.  

But its ambition is undermined by controversy over its Saudi Arabian backing – a country with an appalling human rights record.  

So why are the Saudis getting in business with golf? Host Sam Squiers questioned on The Sport podcast. 

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“They want to be able to improve their image on a global stage and they’re using golf and sport to be able to do it. 

“That’s what sport washing is essentially.” 

In the first episode of The Sport, hosts Sam Squiers and Martin McKenzie-Murray examine what is driving Norman and if LIV Golf can deliver on its promise to ‘revolutionise’ the sport. 

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