‘They’re Meant To Be On The Same Page!’ | James Graham & Greg Inglis Frustrated With Officiating After Storm Beat Broncos

Greg Inglis and James Graham on Footy Talk League both criticised the NRL officiating and bunker after last night’s game between Melbourne Storm and Brisbane Broncos.


The former won in a match marred with controversy and both Inglis or Graham are concerned for the rest of the season as teams and fans continue to struggle with refereeing decisions.

‘It could cost a team playing in the finals,’ said Inglis.

‘Could cost a prelim, could cost an Origin, could cost a Grand Final.’

James Graham added, ‘what frustrated me, as a watcher and I know it frustrated all the stakeholders in the game, is Reece Walsh [and the] shoulder charge.’

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‘[It] wasn’t given.

‘The referee and the bunker don’t think it’s a shoulder charge but the Match Review Committee do.

‘So what’s changed in 12 hours?

‘Same with the Patrick Carrigan hip drop.

‘Referee and the bunker go, that’s a hip drop, you’re off.

’12 hours later, Match Review Committee go, no charge.

‘So two incidents there that could be game defining but one group of people say it is, the other group say it isn’t.

‘And they’re meant to be on the same page!’