“I Think We Need To Find Another Plan” | Steven Miles On Gabba Replacement

The iconic Gabba is in her twilight years, but the plans for her replacement are still up in the air according to Queensland Premier Steven Miles.

“Not yet mate.” said Miles when asked if there was a plan in place.

“We’ve got Graham Quirk in the former Lord Mayor, and we’ve asked him to have another look at the whole stadiums plan.”

“At the time what we wanted to do with the Gabba was a bit over $1 billion which seemed to make a lot of sense at the time.”

“And then the cost went up to 2.7 and then we heard from the Lions and Cricket about how disruptive it will be to them.”

“I think we need to find another plan, I’m not sure what it is yet.”

The Gabba is set to be demolished after the 2025 Ashes.