Harry Garside Talks To Mark Howard

Harry Garside’s Powerful Message About Being Yourself

Harry Garside might be a fantastic boxer, but that might not be his greatest “superpower”.

As he told Mark Howard on The Howie Games, his greatest strength – and greatest message for everybody – is to embrace being different.


“For me, it’s just like I have a message,” he explained.

“All it is – I just want people to be themselves. That’s it. And I want other people to not judge them for being different.

“As long as they’re not hurting you or hurting anyone, what does it really matter? I just think we label people too quickly, we criticise people too quickly. We like to chop people down for being different [and] being unique.

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“It’s a superpower, to be unique, to be different. I just didn’t realise that when I was younger. When you’re younger, you want to fit in, you want to be cool, we want to be part of the popular group.

“But the older I get, the more I realise that it’s actually a superpower, our difference in this world. And we’ve all got a difference. That’s the beautiful thing about being individuals.”

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