Daniel Ricciardo’s Pre-Race Routine 

Australian F1 Driver Daniel Ricciardo has described how he uses visualisation to help his performance on the track. 

Speaking with Sarah Grynberg on A Life Of Greatness podcast the McLaren driver says he finds the technique most useful before his qualifying lap. 

“I had some mind coaches and a few people initially who tried to help me out… I think initially it was to not be overwhelmed by it all,” Riccardo said in the wide ranging chat. 

“On the track itself our sport it’s all about precision so every corner on the track we break down to the moment we break, the moment we turn the car in, the moment we get back on the throttle. So visualising all these reference points helps put the perfect lap together. 

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“I wouldn’t say I do it religiously say an hour before every race, but more so in the week of the race. I’ll do my study before I even get to the destination and rock up even more prepared I feel,” he said.

“Qualifying is really important for us and it’s one lap to show everything you’ve got and that’s where I feel that visualisation is quite good for me.”

Listen to the A Life Of Greatness episode with Daniel Ricciardo here: