Adam Gilchrist And Darren Lehmann

“Coming Through!” Adam Gilchrist’s Insane Darren Lehmann Ice Bath Story

Adam Peacock was joined by Adam Gilchrist on the latest episode of Willow Talk chatting all things cricket, including the upcoming Indian Premier League season.

So Gilly left us with one of the all-time great stories about his former teammate Darren Lehmann from their time over there.


Gilly was playing at the Deccan Charges in the second season of the Indian Premier League, under the coaching of Boof.

The group decided – to build culture – to take a one-in, all-in approach with their training and style of play.

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So when it came to a group ice bath after one of the game, Boof decided to get on the front foot with an apprehensive group of players in one of the great displays of leadership.

It left co-host Adam Peacock in stitches.

“Broke the ice and broke the spa!” he laughed.

“What a leader…”

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