Craig Bellamy On Jack Gibson Influence | “You Can’t Play Good On The Weekend If You’re A D***head All Week”

Legendary NRL mastermind Craig Bellamy sat down for an episode of The Howie Games.

The Melbourne Storm boss, with multiple accolades under his belt explained how another all-time great coach Jack Gibson inspired him to be the man he has become.

“He’s probably rated, if not the best coach we’ve ever had in our code, or probably right up there with them,” started Bellamy.

“Apparently Jack didn’t say too much, but when he said something you listened.” 

“He had a little saying, you can’t play good on the weekend if you’re a dickhead all week.”

It’s a phrase that has epitomised the entirety of Bellyache’s tenure at the Storm.

In a competition with salary cap pressures, most sides will inevitably be punished for success as players’ values increase and are forced out.

Though, with Bellamy in charge, one thing the Storm have never lacked is attitude, regardless of personnel which reflects on their on-field success.

An attitude that at the bare minimum usually sees the Melbourne based side earning a top 4 finish at their worst, but premiership contenders at their best.