“People Can Be Really Mean & Cruel” Anthony Seibold On Toughest Period During His Career

Manly Sea Eagles coach Anthony Seibold joined The Rush Hour with Gus, Jude & Wendell for the Hero, Highlight & Hardship podcast

Seibs opened up on the toughest period of his career, his tenure as head coach of the Brisbane Broncos during 2019 & 2020.


It proved to be a very difficult time, as on-field success waned and off-field noise caused major disruptions, which came with a toxic fallout.

“The hardest time in my life was some of the social media stuff a few years ago, [but] not because it was aimed at me.” explained Seibold.

“There’s a lot of defamatory comments and harassment of myself on social media.

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“I can handle that.

“Where the struggle for me was seeing my eldest daughter affected by it.

“People can be really mean, people can be really cruel.”

After leaving the Broncos, Seibold crossed codes, working as the defensive coach under Eddie Jones for the English national team.

Yet, one season back in the NRL leading the Manly Sea Eagles, Seibold looks ahead to 2024 with much optimism. 

Seibs opens up on his career, including explaining his very random career in the English Super League when Richard Branson was his boss.