Adelaide Crow Will Hamill is helped off Blundstone Arena after being concusssed in a game against North Melbourne

Lawyer Involved In The Class Action Lawsuit Against The AFL Says There Is No Concern For The Game’s Future

One of the lawyers involved in a planned class action lawsuit against the AFL from former players suffering the effects of concussion is adamant that the suit won’t affect the future of the sport.

Michel Margalit from Margalit Injury Lawyers on the concussion class action lawsuit against the AFL:

“I don’t believe so,” Margalit said in response to a question about whether there was concerns for the future of the game on Roo, Ditts & Loz for Breakfast.

“Eddie McGuire put it well yesterday, he supports this class action.

“We’re properly respecting and taking care of our players.

“They are the core of the game and what we need to do is systematically work through this in a logical manner, just to ensure there’s a proper system of safe work for the future.”

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Margalit also said that the AFL shouldn’t have been caught by surprise by the suit.

“This hasn’t happened without prior warning to the AFL,” she said.

“There’s been reports since 1995 that put them on notice that concussion is a serious issue.”

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