“Everyone’s Got Better BS Radars Than They Had”: Nick Riewoldt’s Message To The AFL

Nick Riewoldt has sent a message of warning to the AFL and head of footy operations Laura Kane, saying they “need to be careful” about the way they communicate.

Roo’s eyes lit up after seeing Kane’s explanation of the finish in the North Melbourne/Collingwood thriller on Sunday.

Following paragraphs of reasoning as to why a 50-metre penalty wasn’t paid towards Bailey Scott in the one-point Collingwood win – which would have given him a shot on goal – Roo was unhappy with the explanation.

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“I feel like on the back of what everyone has been through the last three or four years – COVID, politics,” he began.

“Everyone has got much better bullshit radars than they ever had…”


(from 14:19)

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