Damian Barrett in the Triple M Footy Studio discussing the AFL tribunal, and Harry McKay bumping Harry Sheezel. This image has been digitally altered

Damian Barrett Says The AFL Tribunal Is “Not In Sync” With The MRO And Has “Just Got To Go”

Triple M Footy news breaker Damian Barrett says that the current AFL tribunal system isn’t working properly with the Match Review Office and has “just got to go”.


“[Harry] McKay had his act on [Harry] Sheezel on Friday of last week,” Damo said on the Midweek Rub.

“We then wait until Tuesday for him to take it to a tribunal.

“Now had he failed last night, he would have had access to an appeals tribunal on a Wednesday night.

“He’s playing in Adelaide on a Thursday this week.

“This whole tribunal system, and how they, as of my view last night, are now not in sync with what the Match Review Office want to do with certain incidents.

“I’ve long advocated… to me the tribunal’s just gotta go, in its current form.”

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Harry McKay was allowed to play by the tribunal after the MRO had handed down a penalty of one match suspension for a bump on Harry Sheezel, while Tom Lynch was sent straight to the tribunal for an incident that concussed Bulldog Alex Keath.

Damo said in the future all judiciary decisions should be made entirely by the AFL itself.

“The Match Review Office, the AFL edicted body, under the AFL headquarters’ watch, needs to be the one in my eyes that determines what the outcome is,” he said.

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“Not the part time tribunal panel, and not what one that is dominated by legal people.”

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Damo said responsibility should be shouldered by whoever becomes the AFL’s next head of football.

“Michael Christian I think this year has done a really good job as head of the Match Review Office, but ultimately he’s an independent person of the AFL,” he said.

“To me it needs to be, whoever the new Steve Hocking (General Manager of Football) is, for that department to at least fully own, and talk about, and present to the public the decisions it makes.

“The game has to own the decision. To me it can’t allow an independent body — i.e., the tribunal, which it is set up to be, an independent body — to be the ultimate determinant on these matters.”

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