Chris Judd Reflects On His 2002 AFL Debut Against Collingwood

Dual-Brownlow medallist Chris Judd reminisced about his start in AFL footy on The Howie Games podcast. Interestingly, Judd reveals some of the stats from the beginning of his career aren’t exactly accurate!


(from 1:25)

In a candid episode of The Howie Games, Mark Howard sits down with Chris Judd, the former Australian rules footballer and two-time Brownlow medallist, providing listeners with a rare and intimate glimpse into the highs and lows of Judd’s remarkable career. The conversation spans his early days at West Coast, grand final triumphs and heartbreaks, the sensitive issue of illicit substances within the club, and the personal challenges posed by public attention.

Judd reflects on his formative years at West Coast, sharing insights into the challenges he faced as a young and aspiring player. Listeners get a firsthand account of the emotions, triumphs, and setbacks that shaped Judd’s journey to becoming one of the most iconic figures in Australian rules football.

The episode doesn’t shy away from the intense highs and lows of Judd’s career, delving into the emotional rollercoaster of losing a grand final and the subsequent elation of securing victory the following year. Judd’s reflections on these pivotal moments provide a nuanced understanding of the mental and emotional toll that professional sports can take on athletes.

The conversation navigates the issue of illicit substances at West Coast, with Judd offering his perspective on the club’s handling of the situation. This candid discussion adds depth to the narrative, shedding light on the complexities that professional athletes face both on and off the field.

Judd also opens up about his relationship with his wife, Bec, providing listeners with a glimpse into the challenges of navigating a private life under the scrutiny of public attention. This aspect of the conversation humanizes the sports star, offering a relatable dimension to his persona.

This is a mini version of a longer chat Howie had with Chris Judd back in 2017. In the full episode of The Howie Games with Chris Judd, Juddy opens up about his concern for former teammates, the physical toll of playing footy and his decision to retire, you can listen to that full episode HERE.


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