Brendan Fevola With Dale Thomas

Brendan Fevola’s All-Time Pre-Game Prep Before Kicking 12 In The 1999 Millennium Match

Brendan Fevola announced himself on the big stage by snagging 12 goals against Collingwood in the Millennium Match on New Year’s Eve in 1999.

“Bang. 12 shnags,” he laughed on Footy Talk with Dale Thomas.

But if you thought 12 goals was good, the pre-game Fev had was even better.

“What about the pre-game?” Daisy asked.

“What did you do pre-game to get into the right mindset to come out and dominate and make yourself a headliner?”

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The answer: a couple of Jim Beams and a couple of trips around the golden arches on Clarendon St in South Melbourne.

“As you know, Daisy, we’re elite athletes…”


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