Aaron Woods On Cheating Queensland Out Of 9 Straight Origins | “We Needed To Get Something!”

Eight long years. Two World Cup cycles. 2006-2013 is a painful reminder for NSW Blues fans.

Eight straight series losses to their bitter foe, Queensland Maroons were all ended….

Ended by the brush of a nipple from AARON WOODS!!!


Woodsy joined The Rush Hour with Gus, Jude & Wendell for their Hero, Highlight & Hardship podcast and discussed how he “got away with one” to end the painful drought.

Let’s set the scene…

Game 2, NSW up 1-0, NSW leading 6-4, five minutes to go…

Queensland kick off and the ball moves towards Woods….

“If you go back and watch it I was standing on the dead ball line and they kicked it and it’s brushed my nipple.

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“I’ve just gone it’s gone dead, sir.

“So the referee blows a penalty and I threw the ball as  quick as I could.

“And Josh Reynolds was like, mate just hold it.

“I’ve screamed, kick the ball because I’ve touched it!

“And as we kick it, you see the replay and it’s flicked my [nipple].”

Does Woodsy have any remorse from ending Queensland history?

“We need to get something out of that.