Turia Pitt Opens Up About Life-Changing Surgery After “Demoralising” Process 

It the latest episodes of Turia Pitt’s Pep Talk podcast, the inspirational runner has opened up about the emotional story surrounding her most recent surgery. 

After being caught in a grassfire in 2011, Turia Pitt sustained thickness burns to 65 percent of her body, and against all odds, survived. With over 200 medical procedures, the mother-of-two has been recovering physically and mentally ever since. 

However, despite being a champion runner, Turia hasn’t actually been able to breath easily through her nose. Australian surgeons deemed the nose operation, which would help improve her breathing, as too dangerous and time and time again, Turia was told no. 

“The process of getting my nose fixed is demoralising,” she shared. 

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“Trying to remain upbeat and remember inspirational quotes like ‘if there’s a will, there’s a way’ is really f*cking exhausting.” 

Now, in three raw short podcast episodes, Turia has documented her journey from feeling hopeless to finally securing the operation. She doesn’t hold back from sharing the low moments and how she worked through them. 

Take a listen below: 

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