Is It Anyone Else’s Business To Weigh In On Your Body Shape?

In this episode of The Jess Rowe Big Talk Show Jess shares her own experiences with people having an opinion on her body shape, including the time she was publicly set up and how it made her feel.

Jess also chats about the difference between being helpful and hurtful, and why we need to reconsider the way we discuss other womens bodies.

“What has happened to me over the years is I’m naturally thin. I’m skinny. I’ve always been skinny. I don’t have boobs. I look a little bit like an ironing board. My ribs stick out a bit, but you know what? I love my body, this is my shape. But when I was younger, a lot of people used to think it was okay to ask me if I had an eating disorder.”

Listen to the full chat now.