How To Feel Confident Again In The Workplace After Parental Leave 

Shevonne Hunt

First-time parent? Going back to work after having a baby? Here’s how to rediscover your confidence in the workplace.

Someone once told me it takes around six months to feel comfortable in a new job. Everything is new and the learning curve can be steep. But I never thought to apply that to my experience as a first-time mum, even though the theory still applies. Looking after your own living, vulnerable baby can fill you with self-doubt.

Then just when you get the hang of this new role, you go back to work and the self-doubt creeps in again. Do you still have the skills given you’ve spent months wiping bottoms and singing nursery rhymes?

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Dr Rebecca Ray is an author and counsellor who joined me on my podcast Feed Play Love to share some great advice on how to train our brain to feel confident.

Take a listen:

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