How To Discover The Richness Of Life After Experiencing Waves Of Grief 

“It is deeply profound and one of the best conversations I have ever had” 

Is death something to be afraid of? Or is it something to be enriched by? 

In the latest episode of A Life of Greatness, Sarah Grynberg has been joined by former director of Melbourne’s Jewish Burial Society – the Chevra Kadisha, Ephraim Finch, in what she has described as one of the most profound conversations she’s ever had. 

Having spent 30 years as a morgue director, Ephraim washed and took care of the bodies of over 10,000 deceased people, keeping records of holocaust survivors who had passed by photographing the numbers on their forearms. 

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Speaking with Sarah, Ephraim delves into what we can learn about not only the process of death, but about the richness of life, and how the soul lives on. Whether you’ve lost a loved one, are processing pain or are longing to be emotionally uplifted and reconnected with the human spirit, this episode is a must listen.

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