Emma Carey on Darling Shine

How Chocolate Helped Emma Carey Walk Again After Falling 14,000ft From The Sky

Emma Carey was just 20-years-old when her parachute failed while skydiving over the Swiss Alps. Falling 14,000ft (about 4.3km) to the ground, Em sustained an incomplete spinal cord injury and was told she’d never walk again. 

Now, nine years later, Em can not only walk, she’s thriving! 

But how did she get here? 

In the latest episode of Darling! Shine, Em sat down with Chloe Fisher and Ellidy Pullin in an inspiring conversation discussing the fall, the ongoing effects of the accident and how she built herself back up. 

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“I was like, surely I’ve died. Like surely this is it…. We are so much more capable than we give ourselves credit for,” Em shared. 

She also recounts the unbelievable moment she took her first steps again… thanks to chocolate! 

Prepare to gasp, laugh and have your mind blown while listening to Em shares her incredible story below: 

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