Click Or Clash: Why We Click With Some People And Not Others 

Ever wondered why whenever you meet someone new, you either click or clash with them?  

The human science behind connection proves that it not only works wonders for our mental health, but it also guides our big life decisions towards belonging and away from loneliness.  

Listen to the chat below!

On today’s Briefing, we speak to Dr Ali Walker, an Australian Human Connection Scientist who has just written a book called Click or Clash, which dives into the social science behind human relationships, exploring why we bond easily with some people but have friction with others. 

The research has found that connections are essential as it is the prerequisite for mental and physical health, even longevity.  

It’s a little like the first movie of Avatar when they had tails that could connect with each other. You would imagine getting these plugs out of your guts, your heart and your mind,”

she said.

Dr Walker said that when people meet someone new or visit a new place, they plug in to see what that connection feels like. 

Depending on the quality or type of connection, we will either experience belonging or loneliness, and loneliness is the gap between what you want to experience and what you are experiencing.” 

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