Captain Sandy on Jess Rowe's podcast

Below Deck’s Captain Sandy Reveals She Was Arrested 14 Times Before Sobriety

You may know Captain Sandy as the composed leader who keeps the literal and metaphorical ship afloat on reality TV’s Below Deck. But sitting down in an intimate conversation on The Jess Rowe Big Talk Show, Captain Sandy has opened up about her difficult past with addiction and self acceptance. 

“My gosh, I was a mess,” she told Jess Rowe. “I’d steal your car over and over again, usually my family’s, and I was arrested 14 times… The one night I had to stay the night in jail was very scary and I was always in trouble. Addiction took me down.”

Speaking about her decision to quick drinking, Sandy shared “I didn’t drink when things were bad. I got sober when things were bad. I couldn’t stay sober. I drank when things were great, and then they became bad because of my behaviour.”

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As for how she ended up on Below Deck, Sandy says she was “clueless” about the show. 

“I never watched the show; I heard about it. My industry hated it, and they tried to talk me out of doing the show. I thought ‘it came to me. I didn’t seek it’.” 

Take a listen to the full interview below: 

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