Aussies Who We Do And Don’t Trust  

More and more young Australians are losing their trust in the government and media.  

New research by Edleman’s 2023 Trust Barometer reveals the government and the media are the least trusted by Australians, with only about 50 percent of Aussies trusting traditional media, 31 percent trusting owned media, and 25 percent trusting social media.

On today’s The Briefing, co-host Antoinette Lattouf speaks to Tom Robinson, the Australian CEO of Edelman, and Zara Seidler, the Co-Founder of leading youth news service The Daily Aus, to discuss why Australians distrust the government and the media but have more trust in business. 

I think the rebound that we thought we might have in 2022 didn’t come into effect. So overall, we’ve seen trust in our institutions continue to decline for the second year running. Australian people overall are becoming more distrusting,”

Robinson said. 

Data shows that Millennials are the most trusting generation among Boomers, Gen X, millennials and Gen Z. Gen Z is the most distrusting of all.  

I think that it should be a wake-up call to institutions that you can’t just expect trust, that trust is something to be built and that it can be as quickly destroyed as it can be built,” 

Zara Seidler’s shares her perspective as a Gen Z.

Do you trust the government, news media, or business? Listen to The Briefing below and find out more.  

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