Aus Survivor’s Sophie Cachia On Coming Out While Married To AFL Star Jaryd Cachia

Image: Sophie Cachia Instagram

Before taking on Australian Survivor, Sophie Cachia had already made a name for herself as a successful ‘mummy blogger’ and business woman.

She also found herself in the public eye, married to AFL star Jaryd Cachia.

Sophie says she was happily married up until a few years ago, when a surprise attraction to another woman lead her to discover a new side of herself that she didn’t know existed.

Speaking with Sean Szeps on the Come Out Wherever You Are podcast, Sophie opened up about coming out while married and in the public eye, finding her people in the LGBTQIA+ community (and leaving behind those who don’t support her) and how she’s raising her kids to be open-minded of all people, regardless of their gender or sexuality.

“If you’re having those thoughts, go for it. Don’t let your grandma tell you, who’s been married to your grandpa since she was 17 years old and only slept with one man, what you should do”

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