Abbie Chatfield & Tarang Shawla

Abbie & Tarang Shawla Discuss: Kim, Kanye & Harassment Playing Out In Front Of Our Eyes

Abbie Chatfield has reunited with gender equality and mental health advocate Tarang Chawla on It’s A Lot to discuss the reality of domestic violence in Australia and what steps we need to take for real change.

Tarang Chawla, whose sister Nikita was killed by her partner in 2015, is a writer, lawyer and host of the There’s No Place Like Home podcast.

“The single most dangerous time for a woman in an abusive relationship is when she’s leaving or contemplating leaving, or has left,” Tarang explained.

“That’s why I find what’s happening with Kim and Kanye so deeply concerning as well. Because it’s like, these threats and this harassment is playing out in front of us, and yet so many people are just like, laughing it off.”

The pair went on the discuss the issue of how many men still struggle to believe that someone they consider a friend could also be someone who commits abuse.

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“Whether it’s a man that we know, one of our mates who we think of as a great guy could be a great guy to us, and he could also be someone who treats the women in his life like sh*t… I think men really struggle to believe that anyone they have a good experience with is anything but their mate.”

Listen below:

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