Abbie Chatfield

Abbie Chatfield Is Breaking Free From The ‘Cool Girl’ Persona in Dating

In the latest episode of It’s A Lot podcast, relatable queen Abbie Chatfield has announced that she is DONE with being a ‘cool girl’ when it comes to dating.

So, what is a ‘Cool Girl’ exactly?

In relationships, society expects us women to be easygoing, blasé, not easily triggered or upset by anything, and of course, submissive. Nothing new here, right? 

But as Abbie shares the details of her latest breakup, she highlights the psychological and emotional toll it takes to pretend to be the ‘cool girl’. After all, why not prioritise personal boundaries and self-respect over what society expects of us? 

Abbie takes it a step further and shares that she is done with casual relationships. “I actually can’t have someone in my life who makes me feel like sh*t before and after I say that. So over dating casually, I want to like date someone properly. Like not having conversations about owning something casual is just like finding myself over and just be a bit more brave with my emotions and just understand that it’s better to get a rejection and not pretend to be a cool girl.”, she says.

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To hear more of Abbie’s insightful reflections and empowering journey, tune in to the full episode of It’s a Lot with Abbie Chatfield below:

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