Abbie Chatfield Breaks Down During Podcast: “Some Weeks Are A Little Too Much”

In the latest episode of It’s A Lot, Abbie Chatfield opened up about the impact of her ADHD and how it can get “a little too much” sometimes. 

After explaining how she had recently missed a flight, Abbie broke down in tears: “I’m going to cry now. I’m so sick of my ADHD f*cking with my life… I feel incompetent all the time.”

Following the episode, she took to Instagram, writing, “I rarely cry on the podcast, but this week my #ADHD brain really struggled.

“The symptoms and consequences of those symptoms can range from irritating, to costly, to debilitating.

“I wanted to speak about how my self esteem tends to get a little hit every time I forget something, lose something, am late, don’t make it to an appointment, get told to be quiet or whatever it may be. I can laugh about it mostly, but some weeks are a little too much.”

Take a listen below:

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