No, Diet Coke Isn’t Actually That Much Better For You

If you think drinking diet Coke – or any diet cola – is better for you than a full sugar comparison, you’re definitely not alone.

Unfortunately, though, this is not necessarily the case, with it revealed the chemicals used in diet cola drinks no better or worse than a full sugar cola.

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While a diet cola contains nowhere near as much of the 10 teaspoons of sugar found in a 375ml can of Pepsi or Coke, the alternative sweetener added still contributes to health conditions like heart problems.

Diet cola drinks use artificial sweeteners rather than sugar and it was found these additives equally negatively affect people’s health.

So, what are these artificial sweeteners and additives and why are they no better for our health?

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Cosmos Magazine journalist Matthew Agius takes us through a range of studies proving this theory that diet colas aren’t really any better and just how much sugar we consume when drinking a coke

“The fact is too much sugar is not good for you… the sweet stuff isn’t good for you in high amounts,” Agius said on Huh? Science Explained.

“Sugar is high on energy and low on nutrition, it won’t give you much health benefits.”

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