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From The Moon Landing To Flat Earthers, Uncovering The Best Conspiracy Theories

Last Week on Mike E & Emma it was conspiracy theory week as Mike E is the biggest skeptic and Emma challenged him to be more open-minded!

If conspiracy theories spark your interest, the guys spoke with Flat Earth Dave – David Weiss from The Flat Earth Podcast, Matt Okine from All Day Breakfast with some thought-starters about the moon landing being fake, Jacob Stanley from Just The Gist about an oldie but a goodie – the loch ness monster, listener Max who was certain the Titanic never sank and it was an insurance job and finally Entertainment Reporter Justin Hill about all the wildest celebrity conspiracy theories and more!

Have a listen to the experts sell their conspiracies to Mike E below!

Conspiracies Explored or Debunked

“My Dad’s a scientist, so I grew up with science at the core of everything,” Mike E said BUT was he convinced by some of our experts… how about you?

Have you ever been ghosted? Check out what you say below!

Been Ghosted? Here’s Exactly What To Say! 

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