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Flesh-Eating Maggots and Rigor Mortis: What Happens When You Die?

Ever wondered what happens when you die? Like why maggots appear and start suckling on your flesh, or how the peeps in white coats figure out what happened? Well, look no further!

In part one of The Science Briefing’s newest series, ‘Demystifying Forensics,’ Dr Sophie Calabretto chats with Cosmos Magazine journalist Jacinta Bowler to explain the forensic procedures you hear all about in true crime podcasts but never fully understand.

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Across the 13-minute episode, the pair discuss the different ways scientists can determine time of death, decomposing bodies and what clues these gruesome details can unlock.

“It’s all about the investigation,” Jacinta says.

“Knowing the approximate time since death gives investigators another piece of the story to narrow down what happened.”

Also featuring in the episode is forensic scientist and deputy dean of Murdoch University in Perth, Dr Paola Magni, who shares some chilling particulars you don’t want to miss.

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