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Experts Reveal Whether Women Live Longer Than Men

Have you ever wondered if there’s any truth to the myth that women live longer than men? Well, we’re here to tell you there is. 

According to Cosmos Magazine journalist Ellen Phiddian, boys born in 2021 are expected to live until the age of 81.3 years of age while girls are expected to live until around 85.4 years of age.

So, the age gap between men and women is real and according to experts, is universal; but why does it exist and is there any way for us to increase our life expectancy? 

Why do woman live longer than men? And what about gender diverse people?

For babies born from 2021 onwards, we know that life expectancy is between 81-86 years of age, but lucky for those reading this article – our life expectancy is actually longer and gets higher the older you get. 

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“This is because you’ve survived all the things that have lowered life expectancy so far,” Ellen said. 

“So, for instance, one of the major causes of death in infants is complications that happen at birth – if you’re older than two, by definition, you’ve avoided that.” 

Despite the potential for a longer life expectancy, there’s still a gap between men and woman in every country in the world. 

While every country has a different life expectancy gap between sexes, the data clearly shows women are still likely to outlive men, no matter the gap. 

Ellen Phiddian unearths the reasons behind the age expectancy gap and reveals whether there is any way for men to close the gap.