US Department of Defense via Getty Images

Chinese Spy Balloon or Alien UFO? Why Do We Keep Shooting Things Out Of The Sky?

If recent news has caused you to glance at the sky in fear or trepidation, or possibly alien-seeking excitement, the most recent episode of Huh? Science Explained is for you!

In the episode, tech buff and science journalist at Cosmos Magazine Petra Stock discusses the types of balloons we should and shouldn’t be wary of, from those that help us celebrate birthdays, to those that surveil unsuspecting citizens.

Tune into the full episode of Huh? Science Explained below.

“Balloons – sometimes they can be beautifully buoyant and colourful, sometimes useful, and some, downright suspicious,” Petra says.

In unpacking the most recent spotting and shooting of the Chinese spy balloon over North America or ‘balloon-gate,’ Petra goes on to debunk some arguments that have been circulating, whilst also analysing whether using this floating tech is best when trying to secretly gather intelligence.

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