“You Want To Yell Out And Sledge Players…Pay Your Money And Sit Behind The Fence” | Girds On Nate Myles

Nate Myles wasn’t short of a word for Joseph Sua’ali’i on Wednesday night as he was making the long walk back to the dressing rooms, but Ryan Girdler thinks that if you’re an official you need to be held to a higher standard.

“The sideline officials, It’s important they can control their emotions. If you want to yell out and sledge players, you probably should pay your money and sit behind the fence with the rest of the punters.” said Girdler

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“If that was Liam Martin that had just been sent off and his eyes rolled back in his head and Nate decides to say something to him, it could have escalated.”

“If you’re a sideline official you need to get able to control that otherwise you’re better off sitting up in in the crowd with the rest of us.”