“One That We’re Pretty Proud Of” | Kevie Walters On Qld Derby Win

It was a dominating performance from the Broncos in the traditional Queensland Derby, with last year’s runners up comfortably beating the Cowboys in a wet and wild encounter at Suncorp Stadium.

Coach Kevie Walters was very proud of his teams effort, particular the aerial bombardment of halfback Adam Reynolds.

“Adam Reynolds had a terrific night with the boot, just you know, placing those high kicks beautifully allowing us to get through and put some pressure on.” said Walters

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“I thought particularly our middles defended really well which enabled our edge to sort of tie
in with them and there was a really strong defensive performance and one that we’re
pretty proud of.”

“I think keeping the Cowboys to 12 points thats’s a big win for us, they’re scorede more tries than every other team.”