“Nathan Cleary Just Had His Way With The Broncos!” | Dell On The Grand Final Rematch

The highly anticipated Grand Final rematch went down last night, but in the end Panthers dynasty reigned supreme as the men from the mountain put the Broncos to the sword in the first half.

Wendell Sailor was obviously impressed with the 3 time premiers on the Rush Hour with, Gus, Jude and Wendell.

“I thought Penrith were rolling through the middle third quite easily and there was no real aggression from Broncos.” said the Big Dell.

“And then once, you know they got the platform the Panthers Nathan Cleary just had his way with the Broncos!”

“The Broncos, look I respect them in the second half because I think it was 2 tries each but the damage was done in the first half.”

Brisbane lost star fullback Reece Walsh early on the the contest with a gruesome eye injury, potentially keeping him on the sidelines for an extended period of time – compounding their woes.