Young Woman Speaks Out From Inside Rafah, Gaza’s Last Refuge

March 10th is the deadline Israel has given Hamas to release the remaining hostages before Israel launches an invasion of Rafah, Gaza’s last refuge.

Palestinian journalist and translator Aseel Mousa is sheltering in Rafah with her remaining family.

Mousa shares her story of survival on the latest episode of The Briefing, and reveals exactly what life is like in Rafah right now, as a new catastrophe looms.

Listen to the episode of The Briefing here:

More than half of the Palestinian population are sheltering in tents and overcrowded buildings in the Rafah, which borders on Egypt.

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“I cannot describe how hard it is to be in a tent with children, with kids without the essentials. Without milk, or even diapers for the kids and without even food”, Mousa said.

After Al-Mawasi was claimed as a safe area, Mousa said nine of her relatives in this region were killed when their house was bombed.

“What’s happening in the Gaza Strip is nothing shorter than genocide. But if a ground invasion happened, it would be a catastrophe.”

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