Emergency services

Would You Let Emergency Services Hack Into Your Phone?

NSW Police are trialling technology allowing them to remotely access Triple Zero callers’ phones so they can see what’s happening on the ground in an emergency.

The GoodSAM app enables police dispatchers to turn on a caller’s camera and start a live streaming video, as well as pinpointing their location, direction of travel and speed.

It’s been described as a revolutionary crime fighting tool but some are concerned it could infringe upon our privacy.

Granting authorities access to your mobile device can feel like an intrusion into your personal life. There are significant concerns about transparency, accountability and openness, and the lack of guarantee people’s data will be secure.

On today’s episode of The Briefing Jan Fran is joined by Jodie Siganto from the Australian Privacy Foundation to find out more.

One of the things for privacy people is that you know the transparency or just being really clear about what information about you is being recorded and how long it’s being kept for what it’s being used for. You know, particularly by by law enforcement too. You know, as much as I love them, sometimes I have a great history of of upholding, you know, privacy rights. So yeah, I think that that is a major concern.