Will Daytime Running Lights Help Reduce Victoria’s Road Toll?

A Victorian MP has suggested making daytime lights mandatory when driving across the state to combat the soaring road toll.

The push is being led by Upper House MP Nick McGowan who wants laws introduced that will require drivers to keep driving lights on during the day, following suit of countries like Canada which have made daytime running lights (DRLs) mandatory.

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A study by Monash University published last month revealed DRLs could reduce the risk of crashes by up to 20 per cent.

The study also found DRLs reduced day-time multi-vehicle crashes by up to 8.8 per cent, while crash reductions were highest at dawn and dusk and on roads with higher speed limits.

“We can’t sit by and do nothing,” Mr McGowan said to the Herald Sun.

 “When we have clear evidence that by simply turning our lights on we can ­reduce the likelihood of death or serious injury on our roads then we must act.

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“This simple change not only wouldn’t hit the hip pocket of a single household, it would also make everyone’s driving ­experience safer.”

Mr McGowan will move the motion today asking the state government to consider introducing the new laws.

“In introducing this change, it is important we allow for a fair-minded transition period. We must educate and inform the public,” he said.

“Historically, Victoria has led the way in road safety worldwide but in recent years we’ve ignored research or have been too slow to act to introduce world’s best practice.”

According to the Transport Accident Commission, 135 people have lost their lives on Victorian roads this year (correct at midnight May 31).

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