Why Your Social Media Feed Lost It’s Spark

Some still reminisce about the early days of Facebook and Instagram, when your feed was filled with content you actually cared about.

There seems to be a cycle of social platforms posting more sponsored content and less content from your friends and following.

Canadian-British blogger and journalist Cory Doctorow said, “These platforms, Instagram especially, but TikTok is heading into it, are in this period of prolonged senescence.”

Doctorow told The Briefing how this social media cycle works:

“Material that you ask to see from the friends you follow kind of dwindles to this like homeopathic residue. And what gets shoved into that void is stuff that people are willing to pay to show you,” he said.

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There needs to be competition regulation to give power back to consumers and budding tech entrepreneurs, instead of established tech companies.

“We need to unionize the workforce because the limits on individual power as a tech worker have become very obvious today.”

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