Why Your Comfy Airport Outfit Needs An Upgrade

Another TikTok trend has gone viral with people flaunting their airport outfits. 

People now want to copy influencers and be trendy at the airport, combining comfy and luxury through matching sweats with designer handbags and shoes.  

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On today’s This Arvo In Sydney, host Sacha Barbour Gatt and LiSTNR journalist Loren Howarth took a deep dive into this growing trend on social media.  

Howarth says people are excited to travel again after the pandemic, and they would spend time on airport outfits to make the most of the whole experience.  

While in the past, only wealthy people could afford to fly, and they would always dress up for this special occasion.   

The fashion actually reflected that. It was really glamorous, and it wasn’t rare for women to wear heels or guys a suit, something we don’t settle for today,”

Howarth said.

An Australian fashion store, White Fox Boutique, has even created an ‘Airport Fits” section on its website.  

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Some experts say people idolise themselves thanks to social media, and the “off-duty” looks have become our “non-duty” looks.  

Dr Emily Brayshaw, a research academic from the University of Technology Sydney, said:

(The off-duty look) It is calculated, it’s like ‘here is my chic airport outfit, but really there has been a lot of thought put into that,”  

It’s fun to do; it’s exciting. It’s nice to get dressed up and look glamorous…Whatever your definition of glamour is,”

Dr Brayshaw said.  

There are also different fashion choices between people flying internationally and those who travel on domestic flights. 

One of the travellers at Sydney airport told This Arvo that she aspires to strike a balance between comfort and ‘fashion’.   

Obviously, the bum bag with the passport and the cash, a pair of tight and a jumper, and my Louis bag!”

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