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Why Have Some People Dodged Covid? 

It has been three years since Covid-19 first hit Australia, with at least 65% of adults having been infected with Covid by the end of August 2022, according to the National Centre for Immunisation Research. 

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However, researchers have found that an estimated one in ten Australians have managed to evade contracting Covid and the people who fall into this category are known as “NOVIDs”.  

In today’s episode, we speak to a Novid – our social media producer here at The Briefing Sarah Bol, on how she has managed to avoid getting Covid so far. 

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I lived with my partner whilst he had Covid; I have been to lunch with people who had Covid; I work in an office with hundreds of people; I get public transport, so far so good,”

Bol said.

We also talk to Adrian Esterman, Chair of Biostatistics and Epidemiology at the University of South Australia, about an international, first-of-its-kind study into why these people have dodged the virus. Is there a genetic basis for this, or are they just lucky? 

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